Transgenesis & mouse genetics

Transgene expression in selected cell populations


Optogenetics, chemogenetics, & synaptic silencing

Interrogation and manipulation of cell/circuit activity


Viral-mediated genetic manipulations

Gene transfer and RNA interference


Anatomical circuit-mapping

Viral & conventional tracers mediated circuit architecture analysis


Ex vivo patch-clamp recording & fast-scan cyclic voltammetry

Examination of neurotransmission and cellular activity 


Single-cell RT-PCR & Patch-seq

Single-cell phenotypic and expression analyses



Transcriptomic analyses from anatomically/genetically-identified cell population


Immunohistochemistry & single molecule fluorescence in situ hybridization

Examination of transcript & protein expression in brain tissues


In vivo electrophysiology & fiber-photometry

Examination of cellular & circuit activity in anesthetized or behaving mice


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